Who was keeping your nation safe to wake to each and every day?   Our veterans that's who!

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Remember, Supporting your troops does not mean supporting your politician, government's choices or even your government. But those that served in the military, did what they were asked to do, both past and present for YOU. They deserve and are entitled to societies respect, admiration and thanks.

Thank you to ALL veterans, past and present for being there for us each time you were called upon!

Those that I located some 45 years later and enjoyed reconnecting with.

In the past couple years I have attempted to locate and talk to a number of the veterans that served with me in Korea during the trying times of Pueblo capture and other events before and after that may or may not have been included in histories of the late 60's and early 70's. After a couple years of attempts to locate those in the companies and battalion I served with, I have had some success and some not so successful. Many of them are no longer with us, but they are not forgotten.

The following are some of those I have located and contacted:
Battalion Headquarters and Headquarters Company
LTC Philip Cuny
CW2 M R Mighells
Ed Nusser
Rodney Cornell
Gary Chang
Monty Lacy
Ron Droke
Mike McCoy
James Willner
Dale Faro
James Huffman
Phil Diamon
Walter Klamp (mess hall)
Mike Deskin (driver)

(deceased confirmed) LTC Eddleman, Cass Emanuel, John Albanese (motor pool), Gary Robinson (supply)

Company C
Michael McGough
Mike Bordelon
Pete Powell

I am still looking for SGT Stanley Doss, Stephen B. Patterson (from AZ), Russel Nichols (from AZ), and many others. I believe CSM Roger E Babbie is in Sierra Vista, AZ but haven't gotten contact information yet. Maj Robert B. Eddy, went from there to US ARMY Signal School at Monmouth, N.J. I believe, CW3 Wayne Hallam retired in 1978 I believe and may have been assigned to 13th Sig BN at Ft Hood, in 1974, Courtenay P Oconnell may live in Albuquerque, NM. Those are some I am still trying to locate along with many others. Also, I have talked to a number of other memebers of the 51st Signal Battalion that were in other companies as well.

Also, I am putting together some photos to include in a gallery of veterans. But as most others, it will take me some time to go through the old photos and request some from others. I have put up those that I have and other items and pictures that have been provided. Feel free to view them. If you have pictures you would like added, please contact me.

General Veterans Gallery.

Korean Veterans Gallery.

Enjoy, leave comments if you like, tell others who are interested in the pictures and site so they may view also.

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